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With the beginnings lost in the fog of centuries, Teleorman County, the ancient territory of the
         Southern extremity of Romanian geografic area, certifies - by the uninterrupted signs transmitted over the time
         among the ancient forests - his permanence on these regions, but also the distinguished place, well defined, of

         Teleorman people in the geographic Romanian spirituality. Starting from the fact this area, in the proximity of
         Olt junction with Danube - a cultural region rich traditions and resources - is less known that it is justified both
         by the personalities' value from its history and culture and by the contemporaries' relations, I send you the

         invitation to know us through this "visiting card". I think that after seeing this "visiting card" you will be closer
         tous, becomeour guests thatwearewaitingfor withlove,inthespiritoftraditionalhospitality.
                  We, the people in Teleorman, aspire, beside all the Romanians, at the fully integration in the big family
         of the European peoples. As elected representative of this community, I offer and I ask you, on behalf of the

         community, the sincere collaboration and the cooperation, thus our desiderate to become reality as soon as


         Liviu Nicolae DRAGNEA
         President of Teleorman County Council

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